Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Molly Moon's Ice Cream

I had this idea to write an awesome review of Molly Moon's Ice Cream shop. Something near and dear to my heart. And then I read a review in Seattle Weekly this past week about the "Best Ice Cream Shop" and realized that I should have written it - you know - when I thought to write it.

But then I was inspired by Ronald Regan, and decided that, being the moth after National Ice Cream month, it would be "socially acceptable" for me to write about Molly Moon's Ice Cream shop. Most of what I'm writing here is paraphrased from said article.
Molly Moon worked in an ice cream shop when she was in college, and was inspired and always thought one day she'd open her own. She then worked for Music for America, an organization that spread voter awareness by bringing booths to register voters to music events. Then she opened up the ice cream shop in Wallingford, which over the past month or so has been extremely successful; the first two weeks of opening they sold out of ice cream every day. She worked until 3am making more for the next day.

It makes sense, having an ice cream shop in Wallingford. There is really no other 'gormet' type ice cream nearby, which is a surprise given the walkability of Wallingford. It is probably one of the cheaper things to do. Which sorta makes it difficult, for me at least, to walk by and not stop in for a scoop. (Note to self, to get in shape, just stop eating so much ice cream)

Walking into Molly Moon's shop is like walking into any other ice cream shop. Except that it is really hip looking. And they have flavors that challenge social norms like balsamic strawberry, cardamom, ginger, honey lavender and thai iced tea. And they're awesome. They have the staple flavors also, but feel free to try a sample of whatever suits your fancy on their compostable sample spoons. My recommendation is a double scoop of either scout mint + salted caramel OR vivace coffee + chocolate.



Michael Natkin said...

Good review! Here's mine for comparison. I wasn't so crazy about the salted caramel (though I expected to love it).

Louie! said...

Thanks! I'll have to go read your review. The salted caramel was better in small quantities. I found that one scoop was more than enough...