Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Effing Fourth of July Everybody

Well, well, well. I just finished play 2 hours of frisbe in Wallingford in 80 degree weather. As I am writing this, I totally got distracted because there was a track that came on randomly through iTunes, a Eminem freestyle at the rap olympics (who knew?). Anyway, it was really good. That dude can rhyme, on time, just fine.

Here is the part of the blog where I shamelessly plug my wife and help her anyway I can. She and a friend are walking in a Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. It is basically a 60 mile walk (20 per day) to raise awareness and money to help the fight against breast cancer. She has her own blog, which I will put a link to on the right side of the window here. If you can donate, I would recommend it. Each volunteer must raise $2400 to participate in the walk. Think of how good you'll feel afterwards.

She is going through a lot to do this walk. Its quite incredible! I'm sure you get to see pictures and read stories of training and blisters (which she has many of). And I know she would appreciate your support :)

Signing off now, going to make a quiche"louie style". (See recipe below)

"louie style" quiche
1. Make a regular quiche but don't put milk and/or cream in it.
2. Eat it.

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