Monday, September 10, 2007

We Love Boobs: 2007 Seattle 3-Day

Yes we do. Team DD walked a strong 3 Day journey into the heart of south Seattle and back. 60 miles of water, nuun, pitstops, blisters, honks, stories, mountains, boob jokes and honeybuckets. The whole Seattle chapter raised 6.4 million dollars (announced at closing ceremonies) and will probably have raised even more once they can tally in all the donations.

H, K and A did an incredibly amazing job by raising a ridiculous amount of money and then willingly participated in a grueling 2.3 marathon walk. I can't even spell sykstee miles let alone walk it. One mile before the end H became incredibly dizzy, weak and shaky. A tri-med team put her in an ambulance and took her to the end with K by her side. That's a true best friend.

After making it back to the Seattle Center, H was able to rest on a cot, get some water and pee 14 times (where else is 60+ ounces of water supposed to go?) Luckily A called M and we were able to find the group in the holding area and visit them. H was feeling slightly better by show time, gathered up her strength and was able to walk out with her teammates. The closing ceremonies were emotional, heartfelt and honest. As M put it afterwards, this is how everything should be. M and I are already planning our plans for what we plan to do next year. Get ready for twenty-0 eight Seattle 3-day-ers!

On a slightly lighter note, here are some interesting links.

#1. It should be noted that I do not condone, nor condemn graffitii, nor do I know the true meaning of the words condone or condemn.
#2. This is real and real scary/crazy.

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