Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cross Section

Yesterday was one of those days that makes the type of commuting I choose to do challenging. It was so rainy! I ended up walking in, instead of riding my bike. I feel like I have to prepare and have things ready ahead of time to bike in. It is time consuming to get everything ready. Sometimes I feel like Judge Dread or RoboCop, putting all my gear on: bike shoes first, then the cuff strap, my jacket, backpack, helmet, gloves, check the saddle bags again to make sure they're strapped, wallet, phone, keys (maybe I should put those first!), and then I'm off...

I just had a good conversation with my dad on the phone. I told him about something I'd done when I was a minor, but never told him! It was basically the first time I got drunk, which wasn't pretty (if you know the story). But it was good, he told me a few in return that I hadn't heard yet. We made plans to go out with my brother now that he's 21 (not that age has kept him from getting his 'drink on' as pearl puts it). It is pleasant when you start to relate to your parents, and they become your friends.

My boss asked me to work more today to compensate for taking christmas vacation - work more in general, not just more today - and just to get these projects done. I've been work constipated for about 2 weeks, so needless to say it will feel good to finish them. I wonder how much more I'll work to compensate for the trip I plan to take in Eurpoe this summer! Prolly quite a bit.

Goodnight. And Good Luck!

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